Thursday, 12 June 2008

So your website is not bringing in enough business!

This is one of the most common issues that I come across on a daily basis.

But when I have examined the client’s websites I usually highlight several shortcomings.

The website is not being listed on the main search engines ie google.

The content is all about the company and its products/services and not about why the visitor should do business with them.

When the business is questioned they may know how many hits the site has per month but not whether they are unique visitors, what they looked at, where they entered the website, and more importantly why they left.

Often the website has not been properly search engine optimised (SEO).
And even more importantly the website is not integrated into the business operations.

The good news is that in-spite of what I hear regularly ie businesses being mislead or even worse ripped off there is help available and in some cases the business owner can handle this themselves.

I have recently formed an association with a colleague who is a leading expert in this field and even better he has written an excellent paperback book that is vital reading by way of a guide to developing a website that really brings in the business and produced a self help DVD course that ensures that the website statistical information needed to ensure maximum success is produced by your website.

Below are the two low cost products that I am recommending to every client with a website.
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Raising Finance during the ‘Credit Crunch’

Raising finance for a small business is always a challenge banks tend to be risk averse at the best of times so the current economic situation just increases the challenge.

But the problem is not insurmountable but like all business issues preparation is the key.

Firstly the directors or owner have to identify the best form of finance, then before approaching the source of finance a good business case must be prepared, specifically a tailored business plan. Just dusting off an existing business plan, (if one exists) is not enough. With over fifteen years experience of these situations I know that the business plan that you write for a risk averse banker is totally different to one that is required by a Business Angel (or private equity investor). But more of that to come in a latter post!

Identify the correct form of finance is critical; otherwise you will just be wasting time and effort.

Listed below are the most common forms of finance, however if you can’t find a suitable method detailed below then please contact me for more specific solutions.

Raising Finance

Loans, Factoring, outside investors, Business Angels and Venture Capital are all means of financing a business but the starting point should be using savings or borrowing from family & friends, (but make sure that there is an agreement drawn up to protect all parties).

The most common source of funding is the bank, however businesses often utilise the bank products and services in the wrong way.
For instance if a business has an agreed overdraft limit of £5,000 but the business constantly operates their account with the overdraft fluctuating from £3,500 to £5,000 but it never drops below £3,500.
The business should consider changing the £3,500 debt into a commercial loan and then change the overdraft to cover the fluctuating debt of £1,500. This could save money in interest charges.

Other Ways to Fund Cashflow.

Firstly can the terms of trade with your suppliers be extended? Often businesses are paying on Pro-forma. Once some trading history has been built up it is usually possible to agree improved terms ie 30 days or longer.

Just simply taking longer to pay your supplier can damage your relationship or even affect your credit history and rating when you try to get other products or services on account.

Invoice Discounting
This is also known as ‘factoring.’ The finance company inspect your books and agree to pay a percentage of the value of invoices that you send to your regular clients at the time you issue them and pay most of the rest of the value when they get paid.
They can either run your debtor book for you chasing the payments or you can chase payments. Obviously in the first case it relives you from that time consuming and some times uncomfortable chore but the cost are higher and you may feel that your clients might not like someone with whom they do not have a business relationship chasing them form money.

Asset Based Lending
This is a similar form of financing and the finance company agree to provide you with a percentage of the value of your sales even before you invoice, this is especially helpful to businesses who do not invoice until the end of the project. This allows manufacturing businesses or other industries like builders to fund the cost of materials and labour or other processes which extend the time before the business gets paid. The finance company inspect your books and agree to pay you a percentage of the value of the sales. Debts can be secured against stock, machinery, premises, invoices and even brands

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Other options include outside investors, Business Angels or Venture Capital.

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