Thursday, 12 June 2008

So your website is not bringing in enough business!

This is one of the most common issues that I come across on a daily basis.

But when I have examined the client’s websites I usually highlight several shortcomings.

The website is not being listed on the main search engines ie google.

The content is all about the company and its products/services and not about why the visitor should do business with them.

When the business is questioned they may know how many hits the site has per month but not whether they are unique visitors, what they looked at, where they entered the website, and more importantly why they left.

Often the website has not been properly search engine optimised (SEO).
And even more importantly the website is not integrated into the business operations.

The good news is that in-spite of what I hear regularly ie businesses being mislead or even worse ripped off there is help available and in some cases the business owner can handle this themselves.

I have recently formed an association with a colleague who is a leading expert in this field and even better he has written an excellent paperback book that is vital reading by way of a guide to developing a website that really brings in the business and produced a self help DVD course that ensures that the website statistical information needed to ensure maximum success is produced by your website.

Below are the two low cost products that I am recommending to every client with a website.
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statsfaceslap!'>Discover 26 Critical Statistics.
Discover how to measure 26 absolutely critical statistics that can optimise online marketing results by up to hundreds of percent... guaranteed!

The Ultimate Web Marketing Strategy
22 Powerful Web Strategies any and every real business can use to blast their sales through every record they've ever witnessed... and dominate their market within just weeks or months. 208 page paperback book. Click on the advertisement shown at the top of the profile panel on the right

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