Monday, 31 December 2007

Good Practice for a Successful Business

This year again I have helped many businesses, some whom were on the road to success and needed help to step up to the next phase of growth, but also a lot that were in trouble.

Of the successful ones that I helped to grow significantly there were a number of elements that were common:

We ensured that they researched their marketplace.
We developed a good USP.
They had been set up with sufficient capital investment at the start and ensured enough finance to fund the growth.
Marketing effort was fully controlled and measured.
We also established good financial and business controls.

Lastly and very importantly they got outside advice and guidance, listened and implemented the suggestions and techniques.

Alan Briggs

Dynamic Business Strategies Ltd

The Counting House
14 Walford Place

Tel: 07917 446068


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Manish said...

Here we find good practice for a successful business, marketing effort's. this is very informative for our business Yaolit

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