Thursday, 27 December 2007

Why Don't Businesses Seek Help Until Too Late?

As a business consultant probably 20% of the businesses that I have referred to me are seriously under performing or are in big trouble.

So why is that?

Well a mixture of reasons:

The ostrich syndrome, "its too painful to deal with so I'll ignore it."
The miracle wisher "if we could only get a big order it will all come right."
The change resister, (they ignore what's changing around them), and in any case, "we have always done it this way."
Ignoring the obvious, "I know we should not have reallied on one big customer for 80% of our sales, but we got on so well with them."
Ignorance, "We don't have time to keep monthly management accounts."

Often they only time many of these cases really see any figure is the end of year accounts from their accountant and even then they don't understand them.

But the two biggest reasons these businesses don't get help are:
They are too embarrassed or feel a loss of pride.
Or the old chestnut, "I don't need to pay someone else to come in and tell me what I already know."

Be honest, with yourself, If any of this sound s familiar then get help quickly, often if the businesses that failed got advice earlier on they could have been rescued.

Alan Briggs
Dynamic Business Strategies Ltd
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