Sunday, 13 January 2008

Websites Some Basic Steps Before You Start

A lot of businesses that I help have a website but in many cases they have spent money before asking themselves some basic questions. This preparation ensures that the website does what it should ie attract visitors and gain business.

So here are some questions to get you started:

Why do you have/want a website?
What is your websites call to action?
Who are your potential website visitors?
Who might buy your products or services or be interested in your website information?

Now having established the basics how do you arrive at the right keywords for the search engines to find your website? They can then form part of the copy in your pages.

Which search terms (phrases) do you think are important to your target market?

Now put them in priority order.

Use the overture tool to see how often those terms were searched under.

You can also check using the Google Keyword Tool

You should now be on the right track to see what words will be effective.

More website tips to come.

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